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I paid for Pinboard long ago—its vibe did strike something with me. (Back then I was using online bookmark managers, did not have the habit of paying for software, times were different). I stopped using it shortly after I paid for it though. I needed to save a lot of reading I had open in tabs once, and bookmarklet stopped functioning—I went to the main site and the UI was behaving erratically as well, so I figured APIs must be down or something.

The reason I left was not so much the outage itself but the fact that I paid for the service, while the free ones were right there available for me (Delicious anyone?). I felt a bit silly paying for the vibe and not something more primary.

EDIT: This was years ago, hopefully it’s more reliable now though I haven’t been following them too closely.

I've been using it daily for years and had no notable problems. I do pay for it. The archive functionality has been invaluable.

Additionally, Pinboard bought Delicious. The free ones aren't very good about staying in business owing to the fact that they all have costs but no revenue. Thus his claim to eventually eat them all because he has a simple, profitable, business model.

There is no them.

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