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The 8051 platform can present even more challenges for assembly language code developers than the 6502. It has been over 35 years since I wrote any 6502 code, and over 30 years since I wrote any 8051 code, but I remember the biggest issue on 8051 was the lack of RAM. You get a total of 384 bytes of RAM (256 bytes of normal RAM and 128 bytes of "zero page" RAM). When I needed to write floating point math functions for the 8051, I realized that fixed point decimal math would meet my requirements. I took advantage of the large ROM space to store a bunch of constants (powers of 10) and the code I wrote operated on decimal ASCII strings. Because of the limited memory, all of my operators would destroy the second argument and replace it with the result.

Code is available upon request.

Yeah, Intel is an odd bunch. If I had to program an 8-bit machine again, I think the 6809 is still my favorite.

The 6809 was a great 8-bit microprocessor. Any CPU with a SEX instruction is okay in my book.

Totally. That one is beautiful, fast, fun, etc...

I keep a Color Computer 3 because it has that excellent chip in it.

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