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Mozilla’s previous blog post on the topic says

> Mozilla will provide developer tools to ease the transition to secure contexts and enable testing without an HTTPS server.


But the bugzilla entry they linked to with that has been unassigned for two years, so maybe they changed their minds or figure the localhost exception is sufficient.


The last comment proposes a whitelist for development domains, but no response to it.

for easy bypass this guard - ( for rapid development / testing ) - and dont have a localhost environment

ths helped me (with the 68.0 win edition):


set the


from false to true

Good to know! I'm leaving it alone on my main FF installation, but I've set that in Developer Edition.

on the developer-edition 69.0b3 it didn´t work - may there are some more flags needed. But on the normal edition 68.0 it worked / it is actually working.

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