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Its a service ran by a single person. He croaks and its gone with no warning.

You should anticipate that as how your relationship with any non-big name service you use will end because that's how it will. It just won't be working one day, then the next. You'll hit the internet to find that the person running it died a month ago and the business with them.

I agree, with the caveat that the same holds for big-name services. It's only the mode of death that's different (bus accident vs. "our incredible journey" blog post).

Do you have a designated successor who can inherit the site and keep it working if you do suffer from an untimely accident?

In my experience the big names tend to give a warning but i agree that its best to plan for instant death in that case as well.

He just gave you that warning.

It's a curious fact that although of course humans are mortal, and in theory corporations aren't, in practice there are only a very tiny percentage of corporations that have outlasted a typical human lifespan. In fact the average lifespan of an SP&P 500 company is well under 20 years. Google it.

I don't think that's all that relevant as a customer unless those SP&P 500 companies ending regularly involves their services being turned off suddenly without warning.

I imagine a lot of those companies ending is the result of acquisitions/mergers where the services continue uninterrupted and in the vast majority of cases where that isn't true, there's a warning that it will end.

You can expect a warning.. unless their database gets overwritten and there are no backups! https://hardware.slashdot.org/story/09/01/02/1546214/why-mir...

(Granted, not an S&P500 company, but those have been known to fuck up as well)

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