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Show HN: Dino Cruise, a quick HTML 5 browser game I made for my 6-year-old son (wilsocr88.github.io)
10 points by wilsocr88 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments


I just learned how to fake keypresses in JS so I could write a small script to play this automatically — the script got a high score of 245 before the cats got too fast.

I'm all for Dino's with lasers shooting out of their butts but I'm thinking that's a bug? ;-)

Make it possible for me to restart with space-bar! So I can play, play, play, play without having to switch my right-hand to mouse.

Cute game, is this your first time building a game on browser?

Oh, nice, you composed the song?

First time finishing, anyway. And yes, that's my music.

lol - good, simple fun! Love it!

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