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If anyone is looking for a nice webcam cover for laptops, I've found the super-thin ones (marketed as "0.7mm thin" by EYSOFT and others on Amazon, etc) are fantastic. Very cheap, very thin, visually unobtrusive, and dead-simple to use. Doesn't interfere with closing my Macbook at all, it protrudes less than the rubber bumper around the screen border.

Still miss the physical mic mute button on my old Thinkpad X230... and it didn't have a webcam button for that, but we've _almost_ had all of the right features in the past...

FWIW I had one of these on my laptop and the screen now has a crack that started right where this was.

Also note that the webcam closes onto the large, glass trackpad on Apple laptops, increasing the risk of damage if any debris gets in between there.

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