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I'd be really happy to see:

a) Apple removing Zoom from the App Store (at least for a fixed amount of time before they patch* this nightmare up), b) releasing an update to MacOS that breaks Zoom's server completely (I know, I'm asking for too much here).

*talking about patching is a bit exaggeration here because this is not a bug this is a fucking trojan disguised as conferencing app, I'd truly truly block them from App Store for that, as a fellow developer I'm writing this with heavy heart but the incompetency of Zooms developers is enormous here, CEO can say anything he want but I'm pretty much sure it's impossible he was not aware of the fact how the core of his product works. It's not even unethical, you really have to have no imagination to do something like this.

Also - there's a different issue - Macs seem to be pretty solid when it comes to security but looks like ANY installer can just spin up web severs on our machines and we won't even know? I'm just a simple developer, not a devops, how can I prevent this in happening in the future? If they did it once they will do it again. And if not them then someone else. Any hints? Should I scan my ports every morning and see what can go through every single one of them?

It's been a while since I've been a Mac user but I used to use an app called 'Little Snitch' which would notify you about outbound traffic, perhaps it has a mode that can do something similar.

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