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That's not a fallacy he fell victim to, that was campaigning and electioneering. It was hot on the tail of a big news expose about $600+ toilet seats and $40 bolts that the pentagon was buying. Plus America was starting to accelerate the the transformation in to a services and information based economy and we not just knew but were planning on sending manufacturing to Latin America. That waste had real resonance with workers and a lot of other folks at the time. "They're sending car manufacturing jobs to Mexico and the eggheads are studying cow farts.. (with some giant sounding number of dollars)" They still do this, you don't have to google far to find criticism over how much it cost for the Obamas to vacation in Hawaii or what the secret service spends at Mar-a-Lago.

Now there was no way Ross was going to go through the budget and pick out the crappy wasteful things, but that message had legs. Enough such that congress doesn't do a budget anymore...

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