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I'd have to guess this as well. I have dealt with a number of public and private bounties, and not one of the researchers has ever rejected an NDA or not allowed us time to remediate before they could disclose this information to 3rd parties. Unless you count Tavis tweeting critical findings I guess.

And to be fair, none of the times I've engaged a private bounty have been due to some massively critical bug that impacted privacy or could hijack parts of client systems. I could see that if the researcher worked with Zoom and didn't feel like they took it seriously they would refuse this and just disclose it due to the impact it has.

The researcher makes it clear that they rejected the NDA because it was a permanent gag on any discussion (even after patching). With that in mind, and this clearly being an intentional design, I can see why it might come off as Zoom not taking the issue seriously.

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