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Unfortunately the media establishment discredited Ross Perot by painting him as "nutty" and focusing on his mannerisms, rather than what he was saying. Seeing Bush's and Clinton's smirks during the debates are embarrassing, and did nothing but baselessly discredit the man and his ideas.

The media did the same to Ron Paul by framing him as a loon and someone to laugh at.

This same strategy by the mainstream media backfired miserably, and quite hilariously with the unfortunate election of Trump.

why "unfortunate"? maybe it is about time the fourth pillar finally gets what it deserves.

> why "unfortunate"?

I mean, the kids in cages might find it unfortunate. The farmers being hurt by tariff fights are also finding it somewhat unfortunate. I'm pretty sure the LGBTQ community, too.

(I could go on - there's a long list of groups this POTUS is hurting.)

i hate doing that, so i will be brief. --- cages - started with Obama. farmers are hurt, other businesses benefit from production returning from China. to early to tell. LGBT - news to me. btw, you forgot to mention that he hates Jews too. sort of. --- peace

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