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If you can build a car for cheaper elsewhere, why wouldn't you? If your goal is to keep people gainfully employed, well how about working on improving their skills so that a laborer in a developing country isn't more productive than they are?

The workers in the cheaper country don’t need to be as productive.

If you’re paying them 5x less in total compensation, and they’re half as productive, you’re still better off with the cheaper labor.

No healthcare, no pensions, no environmental laws will save a company lots of money.

Are you asking why a corporation wouldn't build stuff cheaper elsewhere, or why we as a populace might want to prevent it?

Because those are two different questions with two different answers.

Because if it is only cheaper because of hidden costs (tragedy of the commons in game theory, environmental disasters in this one), then the game is rigged, and only the wealthy are benefiting while they poison the unwashed masses.

Ah, you confused productive with cheap.

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