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FreeBSD 11.3 (freebsd.org)
92 points by SpaceInvader 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

So many errata for such a new release... https://www.freebsd.org/releases/11.3R/errata.html

I don't know why freebsd lists things like this. It's confusing.

I followed the link expecting to find a huge page full of confusing lists of confusing things, but instead found a very small, concise page of very concise release notes containing links to information about the handful of security/etc. fixes in the release. Not sure what you're even looking at, the link you posted is a super normal minor release errata page. It is errata after all.

So if I install 11.3, how many patches do I need to apply?

Just run freebsd-update once.

How does Docker work on FreeBSD these days? I'd be pretty tempted to switch if I knew most of my normal work would continue on working.

Docker on FreeBSD works just like on MacOS; you'd use Docker Machine to run the containers on a Linux VM.

containerd is intended to be multiplatform from the start, so hopefully the FreeBSD support will come.

There was a native Docker port for FreeBSD, but it's very old and very unmaintained.

In theory, someone could create a Docker compatible engine using zfs, jails and virtual network adapters. FreeBSD can run Linux/ELF binaries (which is what the old Docker port did).

I've always felt like Docker for Mac/Windows was always a hack. Even the newer versions don't run natively, they just use the standard Win/Mac hypervisor API. On Win/Mac, you still have to VPN into your container network. On Linux, you can communication with containers directly via IP.

Huh, I was under the impression that this was no longer the case and that Hypervisor.Framework removed the need for an intermediate VM.

Am I mistaken? Am I mixing this up with something?

Docker for Mac still uses an intermediate VM, it's just mostly transparent to the user and doesn't require you to manually muck around with docker-machine.

You can even connect to the console of the VM if you run into issues.

On MacOS, yes.

Is 11.x in maintenance? Because I recall upgrading to the 12-release not too long ago.

Until September 2021: https://www.freebsd.org/security/security.html#sup

These version numbers are a little confusing because 11.3 now has newer ZFS features than the latest release from the 12.x branch and upgrading from 11.3 to 12.0 might cause issues as noted in the 11.3 Errata page.

In Debian/Ubuntu terms: the newest ZFS functionality has been backported to one of the previous releases, but not the other (yet).

Debian 10 was released this past weekend, but Debian 8 is still supported until June 2020, and Debian 9 beyond that. See also multiple Postgresql versions being support in parallel.

Just because a dot-release of one major version was released, doesn't effect the other major versions also active.

freebsd numbering scheme is confusing, when i read the headline, i was 'eoh? didn't i just upgrade to ver 12 last month?'

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