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This is what things like https://sandstorm.io and Google's Fuchsia OS are trying to solve. Of course it requires a huge shift in how you design applications, but it does not impose any burden on the user's side really. They just allow $APP access to some data or resource, and then it has access to only what it needs going forward, with no need to allow it every time (unless you revoke it). This can be done when the app gets installed, so there's no UX problem really.

My original comment was about having computers be less connected because a large reason for security issues and their implications today arise from their connectivity, so i do not see what sandstorm.io is solving there.

I'm not familiar with Google's Fuchsia OS to judge, though i do remember reading some months (year?) ago about a clash between their developers and Google's advertising team that ended up with the developers compromising Fuchsia's design. Which brings me back to "let's not rely too much on connected stuff and prefer stuff we have control over, shall we?"

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