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Also, they seem almost entirely focused on "unwittingly joining a meeting" as the real problem here, ignoring the fact that they have made the extremely poor choice of exposing a dodgy control API on your mac to the entire internet. What are the odds there are no bugs in this shitty little HTTP server they snuck onto everyone's machine? The fact that they came within five days of losing control of one of the domains that has the power to install arbitrary code on every mac running this thing is absolutely insane, and they should be asking themselves 1) how that happened, and 2) how utterly screwed they would have been if they lost control of that domain.

In a more amusing alternate universe, someone discovered the zoomgov.com vulnerability, waited until it expired, snapped it up, then published an "update" that uninstalls zoom entirely. In a nastier one, they used this idiotic design flaw to pwn every zoom client machine out there.

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