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> 1. Replace the default format for numbers with a decimal point in suitably high level languages with a infinite precision format.

Unlimited precision in any radix point based format does not solve representation error. If you don't understand why:

  - How many decimal places does it take to represent 1/3 (infinite, AKA out of memory)

  - Now how many places does it take to represent 1/3 in base3? (1)
If you are truly only working with rational numbers and only using the four basic arithmetic operations, then only a variable precision fractional representation (i.e a numerator and demonstrator, which is indifferent to underlying base) will be able to store any number without error (if it fits in memory). Of course if you are using transcendental functions or want to use irrational numbers e.g PI then by definition there is no numerical solution to avoid error in any finite system.

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