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I can't see some of the other comments so maybe someone else has put this out there, but economics Is definitely one of those topics that are interesting and worth thinking about. It's not (just) about money, its about the distribution of resources and the structures that facilitate that distribution. Economic theory certainly can have applications beyond informing world economic policy, not to mention that informing policy is also a good idea.

With respect to this solution, I bet it will be great for astronomy, especially superpowered space telescopes that need to squeeze every bit of accuracy out of their projected lifetime. They might also improve optical telescopes but I'm not sure how much there is to improve before running into physical limits. I can't think of any other big impacts off the top of my head, but I bet there are others.

Not sure how much of an economic impact this result will ultimately have, and I agree that that's missing the point here, but in general I think asking about the potential economic impact of scientific/technological advances is a prudent line of questioning.

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