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Can’t Zoom add their own simple prompt to the local server which gets confirmation from the user that they want to join the meeting? Just one more click and not “nasty”.

It could even be 4 different Join buttons:

- Video & Audio

- Video Only

- Audio Only

- No Video or Audio

Without the local webserver, they fall back to Safari's URL handler, which asks whether or not you wan't to start the application in question.

They went through a lot of trouble to implement this ridiculous solution to avoid the kind of thing you describe.

Which is why they're doubling down on not fixing it.

I mean _with_ their local webserver, can they implement their own, simple confirmation of some kind?

“This [local webserver] is a workaround to a change introduced in Safari 12 that requires a user to confirm that they want to start the Zoom client prior to joining every meeting.”


According to Zoom the intended purpose of the local webserver is specifically to avoid the confirmation step.

Well - Safari asks you for confirmation. They built the local, exploitable web-server to avoid the confirmation message. Why would they go to that trouble, only to reimplement what they were trying to avoid?

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