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Will they honor GDPR related requests? The last I saw, the have some checkbox they require european users to "agree" to in order to continue using FB, which basically waives their GDPR rights.

In addition, you might want to review the questions from when Zuckerberg was in front of the European parliament. The MEPs asked some good questions and Zuck basically weasled out of it. I'd love to see the same questions brought up again.

And also, info about shadow profiles.

GDPR is a good question as I'm not sure they can 'waive' the GDPR rights. There is an ongoing court case in the EU at present.

I'm fairly sure that you can't make "waiving" the rights that the GDPR grants you a condition for using a service.

Privacy lawyer here...you 100% cannot waive your GDPR rights as a condition of the service. In fact your consent can not be a precondition of using the service. Most adtech companies out there will try to rely on legitimate interest as a basis for processing.

they can write whatever they want when asking user to 'waive' GDPR rights.

That isn't legally binding at all.

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