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Stayed on that call for over 3 hours and I just have to say that it was one of the best experiences I've had on the internet in years.

People behaved pretty good considering it was a random public Zoom call (except for a few trolls, but nothing really bad).

It just felt like the internet of yore where random people would meet and chat and just be nice to each other.

Lots of interesting topics, people from all over the world, lots of surprised faces, random camera sights out the window, someone with a unicorn mask...

It was a blast. Thank you Jonathan for a great time!

Thanks for being cool!

I listened for a long time, learned a lot as well.

This made me think - is there any website that facilitates you to do such public conferences on zoom like clients. Basically a bunch of people who are interested in a certain topic could join and chime in - go from topic to topic. It could be a very healthy discussion. People could post and schedule meetings and essentially anyone who wants to learn could join. I do listen to podcasts often, but such meetings would be pretty different than podcasts. Does this already exist?

I am not aware of anything like what you describe, but I did see some people in that Zoom call suggesting the creation of a Discord and/or Slack channels.

However what I fear is that they will become like any other modern forum in that you will need heavy moderation, people will try to troll, etc.

The beautiful thing about Jonathan's call was it's spontaneity I think, and that everyone was so excited to talk about the vulnerability that the group had a single focus.

I might be too cynical so maybe it's a good idea, and if someone suggest a place/site/forum to have these kind of discussions I would definitely try it out.

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