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Why is the web client (on Chrome, etc) so bad on Zoom ? I mean, people are building Google Earth on the browser .Its not just the bad video experience - even the product experience is seriously broken.

For example, the default audio setting when you sign in to the web video client is to connect using PHONE AUDIO. In case you figure out how to click the tab to use computer audio...it breaks down a couple of time in asking for browser permissions (camera, mic). It is unusually bad for something that is supposed to be that good.

there are all these articles about the comparisons - https://webrtchacks.com/zoom-avoids-using-webrtc/


hangouts still rules when it comes to web based video conferencing. And for countries with massive linux based usage (like India), Zoom is not a very viable option.

Jitsi Meet is also an excellent web-based video conferencing tool. They also have a basic comparison of WebRTC vs Zoom [0] which is actually has the same demonstration video as your second article. I posted a basic overview elsewhere in this thread [1], and I would strongly recommend it.

[0]: https://jitsi.org/news/a-simple-congestion-test-for-zoom/

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20390149

how does it work ? because we do larger conference calls with a distributed team of 40 people. As in - is there a paid plan, etc

also, does it work with mobile apps ?

It's free. It has apps for iOS and Android and you can also phone in. I've never used it for such large meetings, but apparently it handles 100+ people fine [0], and they have a blog post about scaling [1].

[0]: https://www.callstats.io/blog/2017/10/09/jitsi-atlassian-web...

[1]: https://jitsi.org/jitsi-videobridge-performance-evaluation/

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