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I find it funny that HN consistently bashes SOLID, I feel like SOLID has been misrepresented. They are _guidelines_ for development, they do not dictate everything. They might influence or support a decision.

And of course I have seen adverse effects from it...but that is mostly due to inexperienced developers that don't get it.

Whether SOLID is seen to pay off in the medium term, or the long term, or the very long term, is dependent on environment. In some environments, the payoff is apparent sooner. In others, it's only longer term. This is why inexperienced developers may not get it.

Of course, that beings up the question, "How can we better communicate the benefits?" Can we document and present those, from the actual history of the project?

EDIT: To better relate this to my other comment in this thread, a problem with SOLID in environments where there's a lot of bookkeeping for the compiler's sake and compile times slow down the edit-test cycle, less experienced developers are going to first notice, "Hey, this stuff makes me flip back and forth between files!" If they never see the benefits, they're naturally going to conclude it's a bad thing.

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