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My rule of thumb has always been "the amount of comments I leave is directly proportional to how clever my code is".

Code that is trivial really needs no elaboration, but occasionally I feel like I gotta go crazy with a bunch of hashmaps of lambdas and all that jazz, and I don't think that there's inherently anything wrong with that.

However, when I do that, I make sure I document it like crazy with comments, so that when I have to look at the code two weeks later, I at least can figure out what I was doing.

I will agree with that but only if you put air quotes around “clever”.

There is a point beyond which accurate documentation is more difficult than improving the code to negate some of that documentation. That makes the code cleverer still (without air quotes). This is not far off from St Antoine de Exupery’s comments on perfection being achieved when there is nothing left to take away.

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