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I agree with you. Putting expletives in titles is immature. Reminds me of teenage years, when people overused swear words and thought they were so cool and edgy. "fuck this" and "fuck that" just sounds childish when speaking about something technical or academic.

Actually, I found the old title ('Fuck RSA') expressed an extreme emotion. The new title doesn't transport any emotions ('RSA is a fragile cryptosystem').

Given that the point of the article is that something has to change, I wonder if that old title wasn't the more appropriate and expressive one.

But hey, who cares...

I see your point but I think it is a matter of professionalism. If you're going to critique something technical and you want to be taken seriously then it is best to remove (or reduce) emotion from the equation.

In my opinion introducing swearing/emotion to an argument weakens it, regardless of its validity.

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