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That worked, thanks! In Chrome, I was able to use "Site Settings" to disable JavaScript for [*.]nytimes.com for the current incognito session only. [TLDR: Voltaire was right, perfect is the enemy of good.]

"le mieux est l'ennemi du bien." is wrongly translated into "perfect is the enemy of good". The correct translation is "the better is the enemy of good". Totally different meaning IMO. I understand it as the new "better" will eventually replace the existing "good".

Do you have a citation for that? Wikipedia disagrees on the history (it's originally Italian before French: "Il meglio è l'inimico del bene"), and playing with Google Translate shows its ambiguious without context



Unfortunately, I don't speak Italian, but I feel a better translation for "the best" in French is "le meilleur". In fact, if you just click the swapping icon in the Google translation link you posted above, you'll see it uses "meilleur". "c'est mieux" = "it's better", "c'est mieux que..." = "it's better than..."

“Il meglio è nemico del bene”

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