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Well that title made me click on it and now I’ve bookmarked that page in case I ever feel the urge to implement my own crypto using RSA. Or at all for that matter.

I think if you're interested in learning about the foundations and basic theory of asymmetric crypto systems, implementing your own RSA is a fun weekend project. Just never use that implementation or suddenly think "now I can write my own crypto for everything!" And also strongly consider using anything other than RSA for real work.

Honestly, I think your time would be better spent learning about different cryptographic primitives,

- Hash functions

- Key derivation functions

- Public key cryptography

- Block ciphers

- Stream ciphers


Understanding these primitives means you'll know what cryptographic news means, it means you'll understand how things like NaCl, TLS or the NOISE protocol are constructed under the hood, it means understanding how things like proof of work functions and cryptocurrencies work will be much easier.

While I would never recommend constructing your own protocol based on these, having the understanding of how they work can give you a good idea of some of the nuances and risks associated with them and help you understand what it really means when they get broken.

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