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This is fixed in iOS 12.3 [1] and macOS 10.14.5 [2], both released on May 13th. As Natalie noted on the ticket, turning off iMessage will also prevent the bug.

[1]: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210118

[2]: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210119

Turning off iMessage to prevent the bug is like turning off a car to prevent to consume petrol.. what a solution

It's more like turning off air conditioning system (because it's broken) to stop excessive consumption of petrol... Since you can still use the phone, just not one part of it (until you fix the air contidioner)

Turning off (and stop using) a car sounds like a great solution to prevent petrol consumption, IMHO.

Not if you have a diesel car.

Come on..

Where I live nobody uses iMessage so this sounds like a good workaround :P (Yes yes I know it’s been patched already...)

I never understood this, why would anyone want to deal with ANOTHER app to do messaging? iMessage is built in, integrated, and has end to end encryption. What more functionality are people clamoring for?

People want to use one app to do all their messaging. iMessage is not that app unless 100% of the people you message use iPhones. For a lot of people Whatsapp or Telegram can be that app.

Well seeing that iMessage integrates with SMS, it’s not just for iMessage users.

While there are a lot of reasons not to want to use iMessage but only being able to talk to other iOS users isn’t one.

When you send as SMS, it's not encrypted, some of the group chat features don't work, the reactions come through as confusing "so and so liked an image" on Android, etc. It's a big hit to the feature set.

And that's why I said While there are a lot of reasons not to want to use iMessage but only being able to talk to other iOS users isn’t one.

You're mixing up Messages with iMessage, then.

iMessage is a subset of features in the Messages app that are unavailable when communicating with someone on a non-Apple device or if one of the parties has iMessage turned off.

The original post was

iMessage is not that app unless 100% of the people you message use iPhones.

"XXX liked 'some dumb comment'"

Ugh, so sick of seeing that

> What more functionality are people clamoring for?

All those features in a market where lots of people you'd be chatting with are on Android, I'd suspect.

See samoa below, half of his friends using iphone disable imessage??? It's nonsensical. iMessage works wonderfully.

In the early days, iMessage had some availability issues - the only way you could get/send texts for a couple hours would be to switch it off so they'd send as SMS.

There was also a bug that allowed a malicious message to crash phones sometime last year where the recommended fix was turning off iMessage (similar to this one).

Some folks probably don't remember to turn it back on after these incidents.

Same here. Most iPhone users around me use Whatsapp. I don't live in the US.

second that. half of my friends using iphones dont enable imessage. thus penetration (in my circles) is way too low to make it useful.

Considering it's enabled by default, i'm really curious why you would want to do that.

It costs money to activate it (or so says the pop up that appears when you set up an iPhone).

Also if I switch to Android I don’t have to worry about disabling iMessage before. (Not that anybody in my country would ever send an iMessage or an SMS though...)

iMessage doesn't even warrant a dialog in OOBE on iPhone IIRC.

Not sure what pop-up you're talking about then.


This shows up when you insert a sim that’s not activated with iMessage. Maybe it depends on your region. In my country you really have to pay because the activation process sends an sms message.

I've seen this popup, too. It will send a silent SMS from your device on activation. Depending on your plan this could cost you money.

And depending on where you are, it may be an international SMS, which will either cost a lot or just fail silently.

iMessage uses your regular data plan. You would have to pay for data either way.

iMessage activation sends an international sms to the uk. Which is pretty costly.

... if you live in America.

Do you know why is the upstream bug in "New (Open)" state, if it's fixed in currently released versions of iOS/macOS?

Maybe it still has to be fixed in the betas?

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