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> I think it’s mostly a completely false sense of security

I wasn't so much thinking about avoiding vulns due to added scrutiny as much as issues with updated libs, since most build processes pull gems, etc when deploying or rebuilding a container; I don't think many vendor the gems. Typically you'd ship the actual files you unzipped as opposed to letting the package manager grab the most recent version within version spec.

Typically your deployment process would pull gems based on hashes recorded in a lock file you committed, not pull arbitrary new versions automagically. So while I’m not shipping the actual file, something is verifying that I’m shipping files that have the hash I expect. Barring some very alarming developments in hash insecurity, it’s mostly a distinction without a difference.

Automating a “bundle update” to pull latest versions within spec and update the lockfile would be odd to my experience. You’d typically do that manually, (hopefully, if you’re competent) look at what changed, and retest (semver is great as long as everyone perfectly anticipates & categorizes every change’s impact. In the real world, however, ....) rather than blindly just letting a deployment run whatever.

Bad devs can do the stupidest thing imaginable in any system, though, so I don’t doubt this is out there.

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