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https://linux.die.net/man/1/flock would probably help

A word of caution on flock: it may fail when used on some network filesystems, and it is tricky to make sure you've got it right. If you're locking on-disk it's pretty straight-forward, though.

flock(1) is not POSIX, though. mkdir(1) can be used if you absolutely want a POSIX way to manage locks. For example:

    if ! mkdir .lock; then
        printf >&2 "Already running?\\n"
        exit 1
Some network file system implementation do not guarantee atomic mkdir, so you still need an extra caution with this method.

Existence of a file is an unreliable indicator of script instance running. Much more reliable is to search the script name or other characteristic in the list of running processes. To use this, the script has to have unique name though.

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