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> No one says "hazelnut spread", they say Nutella.

For one thing, Nutella is chocolate flavored. No one would ever even consider calling it "hazelnut spread".

Yes, I'm aware that it's made with hazelnuts. But in order for someone to refer to it as a "hazelnut spread", hazelnuts would have to be the dominant flavor. They're barely there at all.

(Compare the consistency of nutella to the consistency of peanut butter.)

Since we are splitting hairs, the container list the product as; "Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa". Quite prominently, in fact.

Why would your definition be more valid than the manufacturers?

We are discussing in the context of what people use in everyday language. In the U.S., the use of "hazelnut spread" over Nutella is exceedingly rare. Even when dealing with an off-brand, non-nutella "hazelnut spread".

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