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Page 81 - #15, PREDICTION: There is a strong trend towards the geographic separation of work groups. People are successfully working together despite living and working in different places.

Kurzwell gives this a correct, I'd give this an "Essentially Correct" - for whatever reason, the most successful teams seem to work together geographically still. There is some movement towards separating things like QA, Manufacturing, Packaging to separate geographic regions - but for some reason, teams still tend to work better together.

The exception to this would be the myriad Open Source software projects in which the teams never come together - but, for each one of those, I can point to an Agile development team which harnesses the "No Cube / Open Workplace" environment (Facebook, Zynga, Atlassian) to accelerate their work.

I'd say "Essentially Correct" - Kurzwell should note that there continues to be value to the Geographic collocation of teams.

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