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Interesting - The paper is dated "October, 2010", but on page 10, he talks about the "$4.99 Word Lens iPhone App". Just how clairvoyant is Ray Kurzwell anyways... :-)

It looks like the paper was (and maybe still is) under constant revision, which isn't reflected in the publishing date. For example, on page 7 he mentions TSV 3D DDR3 memory by Samsung, which was announced on December,7 2010 (http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/newsVie... ), and it says December in the paper.

Though I'm really happy to discover that Kurzweil is keeping in touch with the latest developments in technology, I'm alarmed by the fact that he seems to be eager to cut corners to put his agenda. This particular memory is just announced in December, and it should be available in 2012, not now. Kurzweil is supposed to be talking about the situation in 2010, isn't he? And, while defending himself, he says that he means "commonly used", not "ubiquitous". Maybe it's because English isn't native language to me, but I thought it is more or less the same.

I'm worried by Kurzweil's ethics.

It is a gradual difference: 'Commonly used' is when you are no longer surprised to see someone use a new technology, 'ubiquitous' (literally: everywhere-ish) is when you would be surprised seeing someone still using an older technology it replaced.

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