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It reminds me of the adage "Workplace culture is what you do not what you say you do." I have met too many engineering managers over the years who thought they could cleverly have it both ways by exhorting quality is the highest priority while penalizing or criticizing engineers who objected based on quality or design metrics.

I don't ever continue past the 3rd word of a corporate response for exactly this reason. What they say is always what they "should" say, in line with how things "should" be, rather than reality at the moment. The speaker doesn't even have to be familiar with the issue at hand beyond keywords.

What do you get out of reading the first two words of a corporate response?

A reminder that the rest of the statement will be bullshit and I never should have bothered starting.

I'm sure a3n didn't mean literally "the first two words." I think they meant it as a figure of speech.

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