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Banning guns is philosophically unsound, for the exact reasons this guy just listed. Look at Britian where they are now having unprecedented amounts of stabbings and are actually confiscating things like pliers and forks.

I'm uncertain about this idea that increase in knife crime means gun control is pointless. I'd much rather get stabbed than shot given the differential in mortality. Even if all gun crimes were replaced with knife crimes the per capita homicide will be lower.

Guns are loud even with a silencer. Knife crimes are easier to conceal in urban ambush situations.

If that were such a big factor, then allowing guns wouldn't make a difference, as criminal could still choose to carry a knife for this reason.

Look at Chicago for an example: It's one of the most restrictive states in the union on 'gun control' yet has some of the highest murder rates and death by guns across the board.

Seems to have worked GREAT there!

I read years ago in a book about gangs that knife wounds lead to death far more often than gunshot wounds

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