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As a solution architect visiting clients in Europe and North America, I struggled to capture names and roles of people in meetings and workshops. That led to lots of awkwardness and missed opportunities.

All meeting management apps I found assume participants always get calendar invites, which I found to just not be the case.

So I wrote a small web app that uses qr codes to allow participants in meetings and workshops to introduce themselves, using their phones, on the spot and in a way that persists: https://quickintro.app

I thought I’d be laughed out of the room first time I asked a room full of people to “check in” by scanning a qr code and filling out a form, but no. It worked. So now I’m releasing it for others who might need it.

This is very cool. As a sales person, the ability to set an upfront agenda and make things interactive for prospects (within a first meeting especially) is important. I have ways of doing this today but I'm always open to testing new strategies and technologies.

I'm in the process of creating a few meetings in QuickIntro and keep hitting the error of "[object Object]" when trying to save or "Create meeting."

Any guidance on a fix?

Thanks for checking it out and sorry about that bug! Do you mind shooting me a quick email at pedro@quickintro.app so I can troubleshoot it with you?

Awesome, I just shot you an email now. Thank you for the help.

Nice idea! Just tested it - so the guests have to auth with Google or Linkedin, correct?

Hey, thanks! Yeah, that’s correct. I’m using auth0, so it’s trivial to add more authentication methods too. Is there a specific one you’d need?

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