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I agree it is stupid to ban such items on such grounds but:

with "actually improves personal security/safety" I do not agree. If you are not training daily watching video about martial arts does nothing to improve your personal safety. Though there is guy having gym in China who is explaining it better than me and he has martial arts channel. But that is one guy vs tons of "self defence bullshit".

I've not had YouTube around when I was learning karate, so I don't know if I'd be using it if I was learning karate now. However, I did use it to learn some dance moves, and although I was just sitting in my chair and watching it, it did help a lot with many "aha" moments and practiced them later. Sure, there is a lot of crap on there, but I can filter that myself. Things in karate that you could just learn by watching without much training are pressure points and how to get out of someone's hold. The other stuff needs training (especially conditioning), but a good video can give you directions for how to do it.

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