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These are all reasons why I'm leaning towards CouchDB.

Here's an interesting presentation on the nosql dbs you might enjoy. I'm not the author but I'm working with CouchDB right now and this came across the mailing list yesterday. The mailing list is actually quite good.


As a general rule, switching from technology (x) which has actual users sharing lessons learned on the internet to technology (y) because it doesn't have many actual users and they haven't shared any lessons, is good way to become a beta tester.

But does Mongo have more users or just more gotchas?

Sorry for the slow reply. I can't speak about mongo's user base, but it does appear larger than CouchDB's. Both of them are several orders of magnitude less mature / well understood than MySQL. I'm simply trying to say, that technologies with no problems must have no users.

The good thing about MongoDB is that all the gotchas are well known in the community and documented. Thats actually all the more reason to stay with MongoDB.

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