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I love the blazing fast throughput of MongoDB but the gotchas make me nervous.

I wish there was a MongoDB Guru site where I could contract out some MongoDB related maintenance activities such as validating my MongoDB installation and making sure that I have not made dumb errors, demystifying performance issues etc. So far I am making do with documentation and mailing lists but I would rather contract this out to a specialist.

Anyone know of any provider like this with affordable rates ?

You can hire the developers of mongodb, 10gen, themselves, they provide commercial support / consulting for mongodb.


Agreed .I like 10gen but I don't think I could hire them to help me with my side projects which I am using to get acquainted with MongoDB.

I was looking more for guys like contract DBAs that are available for Oracle or even PostgresSQL. Maybe 10gen could create certification programs for admins such that we could have a pool of knowledgeable admins who could support MongoDB newbies such as myself.

10gen offers training for DBAs: http://www.10gen.com/training

No certification right now but that's good feedback, thanks

Is there anything that prevents you from reading the mailing list a bit and mailing some helpful and competent people? It's not "official", but you may end up with more competent and cheaper help that way.

I use http://mongohq.com and love them, I don't think they actually do consulting stuff but they do take care of all the technical stuff I'm too busy/lazy/stupid to learn myself.

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