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> I have had a developer who had wrote production ClojureScript tell me it was the worst of all worlds

You know how it sounds? It sounds like: "yeah I like rock music, but I think I don't like this Pink Floyd band. No, no. I never heard any of them on the radio, but Sarah once tried singing their song to me on the phone, and you know what? It was horrible. No I don't think I'm gonna ever listen to them. Not my style."

> Another thing I noticed is that most developers who had to touch Clojure in my org all pretty much didn't like it at all.

Most people who actually try Clojure do tend to like it. There are certain annoyances as a beginner you'd have to deal with (parentheses, startup time, error messages), but once you learn it a bit - they all become really insignificant. And what's there not to like? Clojure is extremely practical, has a nice core library, it is very predictable and stable. Yeah, it is not a silver bullet but it is for sure much better than Javascript and Java (and many other popular languages).

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