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For personal use you also probably don't need the high availability of switching over your domain the moment they are having problems?

One thing is not every free or pro plan on cloudflare is personal use.

I'm running the web servers, official wiki, and game external resource portal for the most active open source video game on github, through cloudflare, and maybe we might not want our 60 million requests a month website to go down when cloudflare does.

Because I can tell you right now our 300 a month budget (that mind you, is capable of covering 7 game servers that can handle 100 connected players (each)) can't take the 80 dollar hit just to make cloudflare not a single point of failure.

If you don’t count this as a personal or hobby project it’s a community project. They don’t have a pricing plan for that so you either have to go pro or go to some other provider who gives you this much for free. Why should a company give you even more pro features for free if you are already getting a lot of things for free?

Pro($20) does not give you the cname feature, business ($100) does.

he’s not arguing that they should. he’s just pointing out the need for your own plan b.

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