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Somewhat playing devil's advocate, but if everyone joins that club, we keep the status quo and there's no more progress. If everyone joined this club in the 50's/60's we'd still be writing assembly. It's the guys pushing new shiny things that allows our domain to go forward, we just need to accept that 90% of the shiny new things eventually turn out to be crap. It's about the other 10%.

You can argue there has been a lot of progress in web development since 2000, and you can argue it hasn't. I think we did a lot of circles around ourselves, creating new frameworks that do the same stuff as the ones before them. The real progress was in browsers and CSS which allowed things like access to device cameras/inputs, rtc technologies and adaptible layouts.

At the end of his shpeel he talks about how to adopt new technologies intelligently. He's not saying that no one ever should but that you need to go about it a certain way to reduce risk.

We are all writing assembly. There are just increasingly powerful levers between us and the assembly. That's why sticking with a technology for so long is powerful - the advances in tooling keep compounding. Imagine if we switched to a completely different paradigm every few years and had to start compiler research over from scratch.

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