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This seems like a case for putting more of the internet through a single gateway. Having my downtime correlated with everyone else's means users will be more forgiving because they'll perceive it as "the Internet's down" rather than "lkbm's site is broken". (We saw this with CloudFlare. Some users were pissed, and others jumped in with "it's not their fault; AWS is down". That doesn't happen when our stuff specifically goes down.

We need to decentralize the Internet, but this occurrence is not the reason. It's an argument to keep consolidating.

Centralizing more of the Internet to help people align their excuses is probably the worst reasoning I've ever read

But maybe this is how "the collective" works?

It's a horribly short-sighted, irresponsible and dangerous attitude. When your service goes down on its own its users can switch to some backup process temporarily. If half the internet goes down, they are screwed. How much they're screwed depends on how they're using your services at the moment, which you most likely can't even know.

Nobody Gets Fired For Buying IBM.

> Nobody Gets Fired For Buying IBM...

... mainframes for business critical applications.

As for buying IBM Cloud services, it's a bit fuzzier.

How cares whose fault it is? In the end, you're not able to provide service to your users and you potentially lose money.

Business risk cares. SLAs, SLOs, SLIs, they are all about this; to be able to direct the blame.

The argument being made above only holds water if Cloudflare has worse uptime than smaller providers, and that it's because they're big.

This is often the case when monopolies realize they're in a position where they can get away with sucking, but I don't believe that to be the case with Cloudflare yet.

That's a strange perspective. Users only care that a service works and there is a long history of them blaming whatever is most visible.

If you're site is down, it's your fault in their eyes, not some core infrastructure provider.

CYA buddy, CYA


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