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Yeah, I'm regretting that very choice now.

Problem is not just about using Cloudflare as your DNS registrar really. Even if you have a different registrar, the Cloudflare model is to have the NS (nameserver) records set up to point to Cloudflare, and then they in turn resolve the DNS. You cannot really use Cloudflare without that set up. Changes to nameservers at a registrar level are rarely quick, at least quick enough to mitigate a disaster like this. It's why we've used two completely different domains at Ably (ably.io and ably-realtime.com) for all services we provide.

We wrote about a strategy to circumvent this sort of thing a little while back https://www.ably.io/blog/routing-around-single-point-of-fail.... Given two incidents in a matter of weeks, I think a revisit of that article in light of most businesses who operate on a single domain would be useful :)

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