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> Really annoying looking for an experienced Linux admin and we have to review a fresh college grad with no Linux or Mac experience and one year of java programming.

It's not your fault, but the industry has relatively few entry-level positions, especially for the bottom 75% of graduates.

I personally support 3 entry level Linux admins / clouds engineers under me (1 well paid intern, 2 full time)

One was in college, one fresh grad 2-year degree, one with degree and 1 year experience.

But I need someone who's actually better than me to help with weird issues that you simply don't get in school... Like adjusting the DNS resolver process.. or dining out why gnome won't start in a virtual infrastructure (which most people don't even know where to start looking in logs)

So I'm very open to entry level people, but I need another experience person to help

I've found that you seldom get any deep level Linux admin training in schools. They all teach fundamentals, the seven layer cake^W OSI model, how http works, stuff like that. If you're lucky, they cover /var/log/messages, a few basic commands, then dive deep into stack traces or something else programmer-centric. Then again, I'm mostly self taught and have 10+ years experience. BTW, debugging Docker just sucks. I'm looking for better tools for that.

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