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I literally had this conversation yesterday as a "why I'm not sure web development is for me, long-term."

The level of familiarity that can be achieved with a tool in the timeframe allotted before the "oh no, we're behind-the-times!" fervor strikes just doesn't seem sufficient to me. I'll have co-workers coming to me with the tool-specific roadblocks they're hitting, and have reached the point where I can easily say "yeah, I've been there, you'd never guess but the problem is with [X], just do [Y]." And just as I'm getting really efficient, I've got to throw it all out because that tool isn't cool anymore, and nobody wants to work with not-cool tools, and we've all got our resumes to worry about.

I wonder if there are some cultural changes that could help mitigate this. If there really is an endorphin rush when working with a fancy new tool, why is that there and what can we do to replace that? Is it resume-building, is it enjoyment of that stage of knowing-nothing, is it happiness when you easily do that one thing that was annoying the shit out of you with the old tool?

Can you pick apart why you were excited about and wanted to adopt Go?

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