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Oracle created a brand new market in Java support contracts which didn't exist before, so that they could enter it and make a buck (wherein FUD is a standard sales tactic for them). They probably viewed their position on the OpenJDK as subsidising a public good, which in general is slightly out of character for Oracle.

Most enterprise vendors have, or will soon have, comparable products for sale. My employers have Pivotal Spring Runtime[0]. You can also get OpenJDK coverage from Red Hat[1], Amazon[2], Azul[3] and so on.

Incidentally I resent that I sometimes wind up defending Oracle's decisions. I think it was globally suboptimal but I can understand their reasoning.

[0] https://pivotal.io/pivotal-spring-runtime

[1] https://access.redhat.com/articles/1299013

[2] https://aws.amazon.com/corretto/

[3] https://www.azul.com/products/zulu-enterprise/

Sun also used to sell Java support contracts.

By the time they went under, Java 1.2 up to Java 5 were only available under support contracts for production deployment.

Somehow Oracle hate ends up excusing Sun for exactly the same practices.

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