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It means starting/buying a veterinary practice or owning a stake in a clinic (mostly just bigger practices). It's not really an investment because the value of the stake/practice tanks as soon as you stop working and at best you can sell "your job" to someone else.

And yes, I am legally qualified to start a practice and render virtually any treatment services I want. But I would suck. That's why you need more experience in places where the buck can stop with someone else.

The path my mother followed (as a doctor for humans) was to approach an existing physician about joining that physician's practice. She joined, the patients got used to her, and she bought out the practice when the other doctor retired a couple years later. This was the first thing she did after leaving medical school, but obviously there were a couple years in there of being the junior physician in the practice, which gives some time to gain experience.

She gives me to understand that changes in the legal landscape have resulted in US doctors mostly abandoning the idea of having their own practice in favor of being hospital employees.

Which in the veterinary field means very low paying entry level jobs.

Perhaps, but I see no reason to believe that recent legal changes pushing American physicians into abandoning their independent practices would apply to veterinarians in Germany...?

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