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How does relocation actually work, especially if you are overseas?

I got like a ton of stuff in my home... I guess I could trash my furniture and buy new one, but what about my other things?

Does relocation include transportation for that too?

> How does relocation actually work, especially if you are overseas?

It depends on the company, of course.

In my case, when I interviewed at Booking.com —just to give an example— I was offered a relocation package to move from New York to Amsterdam, this package included transportation of some of my belongings, support for my partner, and two months of rent. They also offered me some help to find an apartment, and was told I would get a discount in my taxes for the first year, which they also offered to take care of for the first year (assigning one of their accountants).

I know they offered a similar —if not the same— package to other candidates.

For other companies, no matter how big or small they are, the relocation package depends on how important your position is going to be. For a regular software developer, you may get the plane tickets which may or may not include a budget to bring a some luggage, but you’ll probably have to bring the rest on your own. For more relevant positions like managers and specially a CEO, CTO and the like, they may offer you to pay for your accommodation for certain period of time, will assign you a budget to move your belongings, and similar benefits to what I got offered to move to Amsterdam.

If you are Apple’s Tim Cook, they will move absolutely everything you need no matter how expensive, troublesome, or delicate.

Really depends on company. I work for an University, and we have a stepping ladder of "stipends" we offer to assist in relocation. They go this route basically to avoid any haggling, tracking of payments, or other issues... It's essentially like a signing bonus to help relocation.

Maybe it would be a good reason to get rid of the stuff you have? It can be liberating to not have to be responsible for keeping track of a bunch of "stuff."

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