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Patrick Collison, co-founder of Stripe, keeps a cool reading list with tons of books, color coded by the impact they had on him. He's clearly a voracious reader on a wide range of topics. I happened to find it yesterday and found tons of books and authors to add to my Amazon wishlists: https://patrickcollison.com/bookshelf

If you're interested in games / startup stories, I have to recommend Masters of Doom, about the early days of id. It's thrilling and exciting to read: https://www.amazon.com/Masters-Doom-Created-Transformed-Cult... - It's also in the news that USA has ordered a pilot for a TV adaptation. Here's hoping it's good!

Sivers also has a list: https://sivers.org/book

Masters of Doom is such a fun, good book. I ended up power reading a few summers ago.

If you grew up playing Doom, and all the other shareware games like Hexen, Heretic, etc... reading about Id Software's start and history is more interesting than I ever thought it would be.

Another book that drew me in was "Blood, Sweat, and Pixels". It's a collection of short-ish game creation stories packaged into a book. Really candid interviews and writing.

Masters of Doom had a much bigger impact on me then I thought it would. Can really recommend it!

I read that a year or two ago and find myself quite often thinking about it. It really is very good

One of very few books I've read twice and intend to read again in the future.

I've read Master's of Doom 4 times...and loved each time through it.

love this list

Keep in mind, he claims to have read about half the books on the list and it's not clear which half...

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