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Huh, why do you say that? I’d assume not because of the hardware constraint, etc. I’d imagine web devs are best suited to remote. Usually low sensitivity to the code or data and no hardware and the product itself is accessible everywhere.

Compilers/assembly/embedded systems/demo scene people have been coordinating on mailing lists since the 90's, sending patch files to each other on their slow clunky machines on their slow clunky 56k internet connections. This demographic imo is going to be way better at remote work than some brogrammer, which is what the OP is looking for perhaps inadvertently. And I say that as someone not at all of the noble compilers/assembly/embedded systems demographic. With these people, you don't need to worry about the ops and management impact of low face-to-face time, because they need zero of it. Could be a stereotype, but it definitely tracks with the people I know.

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