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No, rather they had a good “I’m a freelance developer” web site that showed two things:

1) Some amount of professional experience in the technology we were looking for a contractor in.

2) An attitude that boiled down to “I write software to fulfill business objectives.” (The opposite attitude is what I characterize as the “hipster coder,” who says “I couldn’t possibly work on your legacy system unless you agree to rewrite it from scratch in $hot_new_stack.” Yes, I have literally had a contractor tell me that before, about a webapp based on a 5 year old front-end framework.)

It is a funny old world when the one fact that they are willing to be managed as a technical contributor sets a candidate apart.

There are developers that if you let them loose on your code base without supervision for 6 months you'll find that your simple rails app turned into a 12 docker container microservices monster without ever so much as stumbling near a business requirement.

I am the person who ends up cleaning up after hipster coders, or as I call them "ninja cowboys". They move on to their next high-profile, resume-building gig, and I take their sloppy proof-of-concept that got crammed into production and make it stable. I tend to view $hot_new_stack with a jaundiced eye because of that.

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